AttendAM attendance tracker is an online attendance tracking tool ingeniously developed by DITCOS to track attendance of a classroom or group in real time. With an entirely web-based attendance tracking system, tracking students is as simple as the click of a button.

Cool and innovative features like Selfies and Geo-location-location are used which makes it innovative and easy to use at the same time.


Selfie is the new attendance

Why old ways when one can take their attendance with just a click of Selfie. So fancy and tail gating!

Geo tag your office

Create geo fence for your office, with in which attendance will be considered.

Manage employee shifts

Create & allot work shifts and clock-in, clock-outs for employees at all levels with ease.


Beautiful admin console

Admin console designed with user experience in mind. Not a boring age old UI here.

Easy dashboards

Instance information exactly what you need at right time.

Feature rich reports

Get complete insights into your organisation's attendance with all permutations & combinations.