Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Fast-forward into the digital era, we are living at a time where exchange of physical assets for value has become largely a thing of the past.

Currently the world is witnessing a radical shift in the financial system where digital assets are transferred directly and securely without intermediaries.

Blockchain is one such leading software platform used for the exchange of digital assets like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple among many others. Currently penned at 100M + transactions, Block chain technology is used regularly by millions of users around the globe to transact securely without hassles.

Blockchain is not one single technology, but a group of technologies including Private Key Cryptography, P2P Network, Program or the Block chain protocol, implemented together for the exchange of digital assets.

Blockchain technology runs on a peer-to-peer model, unlike many other applications on the WWW running on a client-server model. Provisioning of a distributed network minimizes the risk of corruption or the impact because of failure of one of the nodes.

Blockchain technology has successfully formed a transaction layer for the internet, where users use cryptographic keys and shared layers to transact with each other securely.