Interest In The Internet Of Things (IoT) market is rapidly expanding as companies across multiple vertical industries recognize the need for connectivity and the potential transformation enabled through connectivity. However, IoT adoption in key segments will be limited by its complexity.

System Integrators minimize the complexity by aggregating ecosystem partners and integrating the various solution components such as sensors, devices, platforms, external data, back-end systems, analytics engine and much more. System Integrator’s role is critical in building end-to-end solutions which maximizes customer value. A system integrator enables enterprises to gain the benefits of IoT while maintaining their focus on their core businesses.

DITCOS expertise in back-end ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and many other business process solutions as well as in IoT makes us an ideal partner for Telco’s and Enterprise customers in their Digital Transformation journey. By leveraging competencies across the organisation, DITCOS provides "One Stop Shop" for all verticalized IoT solutions and enriched Omni-Channel experience to our customers.